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Lucy, with Carla

I bought a photo shoot with Verona as a Christmas present for my daughter, well what can I say, it was the best present she could have received. Verona was brilliant from start to finish, she was so professional, she made my daughter feel very comfortable having her pictures taken. Verona was always thinking and looking for the best shot anywhere from behind cow parsley, through the trees, in a sunny spots - the results are amazing and as a result we have the most beautiful photos to treasure always. I would highly recommend Verona!

The Personal Photoshoot Package

Each package is inclusive of the following...

- A chat on the phone, if you'd like it, for me to get to know you and what you want from your photoshoot.

- Advice on how to prepare and how to get the most out of your photoshoot.

- Between 1-3 hours of shooting time, depending on the package you pick. It'll come to a natural end when we've captured everything you want to capture.

- As many or as little outfit changes as your heart desires, in-hand and ridden photos and location changes.

-Multiple horses and other four or two legged friends are welcome.

- A private viewing gallery for 24/7 access to your finished photo album, where you can view upwards of 40 images and favourite the ones you love most.

Good to know...

- A 20% booking fee is taken to secure the booking.

- Your date is interchangeable if the weather isn't on our side, it's totally up to you if you want to go ahead or not!

- Mileage is 45p a mile after the first 10 miles from WD4.

- Your finished images could be used for marketing purposes, unless you ask me not too use them of course!


The All In Package


- This ones for those of you who like to ensure you've covered all angles and is inclusive of all of the above.

- With up to 3 hours of shooting time, we really can fit so much in.


- You'll come away with a fully edited gallery, where all of the images will be sent to you using WeTransfer.

- A framed A3 print, to display proudly in your home.

- Additional purchases welcome, with 10% off.


The Simple Package


- This ones for those of you who like to keep things simple and quick and is inclusive of all of the above.

- Up to 1 hour shooting time, which is entirely yours to have fun with.


- You'll come away with a fully edited gallery, where you can pick  your five most favourite images to be sent to you using WeTransfer.

- Additional purchases welcome.


The Stable Day Package



- This one requires 3 or more people and is inclusive of all of the above.


- You each get up to 1 hour individual shooting time, which is entirely yours to have fun with.


- You all come away with a fully edited gallery, where you can pick  your five most favourite images to be sent to you using WeTransfer.

- Additional purchases welcome.

Additional Products Price List

Physical Products

- 6x4 £17.50

-7x5 £20

- 10x8 £25

- A2 framed £85

- A3 framed £100

Additional sizes, framed and unframed options available.

- 16x12 Canvas £150

- 20 Page Photo Album £150

Digital Products

- 1 file £25

- 5 files £100 

- 10 files £200

All digital images are sent using We Transfer, ensuring they keep their quality. Social media copies can be sent too if requested.

All images are for personal use only and commercial use is strictly forbidden. 

Gift Vouchers


Gift vouchers come hand packed, in a small white box and are inclusive of a personalised voucher, tips to help the recipient get excited and of course, some treats - to bring along to the photoshoot as I find bribery goes a long way!


For last minute gifts, they can be sent digitally to the recipients email address at a scheduled time of your choice.

All vouchers can be redeemed against any package or products listed on my website.

  • What happens if the weather isn't what I had in mind on the day of my shoot?
    I know how tempermental the Great British Weather can be and I would never want my clients to worry about it getting in the way of their perfect photoshoot. Once we've decided on a date and time, I'll monitor the weather for you but I know how quickly this can change. If the time comes and the weather isn't exactly what you hoped for, we can re-schedule or if you're up for the challenge, then we can embrace the elements together. Afterall, I always loved dancing in the rain as a child.
  • What happens if my horse misbehaves?
    They say never work with animals or children, but who is 'they' anyway? There are always tricks we can try to get your four legged friend to behave, I just ask that you bring them to the photoshoot as happy as possible, i.e. if the time of the shoot is around their usual dinner time, try to feed them first and then we will have a happier model to work with. If they really don't behave still, I say we embrace it... afterall we will only be capturing their cheeky personality anyway.
  • My yard isn't very pretty, will the photos still look nice?"
    There is no such thing as a not very pretty yard in my eyes! There is always a place to capture the perfect angle, you just have to know where to look and fortunately I know exactly how to do that. If you're really concerned, you can send me some pictures so I can ease your mind or we can always meet in a mutual location - I know some great ones!
  • What should I wear to my shoot?
    This is always the first question my clients ask me after booking their photoshoot and the easy answer is, whatever you feel most comfortable in. The photoshoot is besboke to you, and what you invision your photos to look like. If you're really stuck you can try having a look at pinntrest here.
  • What if I don't have anyone to help me on the day of the photoshoot?
    Not to worry, as well as taking the pictures, I'll be there to help as much as you need! I can carry brushes, a bag with a change of clothes in, I can even hold your horse for you whilst you get yourself ready inbetween takes. We will make it work!
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