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Charlotte, with Vossi

From the minute I met Verona (V) through to receiving my photo’s, the entire experience was thoroughly enjoyable and very professional. 

V’s passion and talent for photography was evident even before the shoot began. She discussed ideas and plans with me beforehand so we both knew exactly what results we both wanted from the shoot! 

During the shoot, there was no angle or position V wasn’t willing to try - this is undoubtably the reason she captured such incredible photos of me and my horse! 

Her final editing skills on the photo’s took my breath away - her attention to detail is second to none!

I strongly recommend V for equestrian photography - she knows exactly how to get the perfect pictures!

Welcome to Verona Thomas Photography




I'm Verona, and I'm the Photographer behind the lens of your photoshoot and while I'm all about you and your photos, it might help to know a little more about me. I've been a professional photographer for over 5 years and I just absolutely love it. There is something so special to me about capturing such personal moments on camera, that moment being the bond between you and your four legged friends - as many or as little as that may be!

While I'm based in Hertfordshire, I'm happy to commute to any location for my clients - I've even been known to make an 8 hour round car drive in a day. From our first conversation to our last (although I'm yet to have a last conversation with my existing clients, as we always seem to stay in touch after) your happiness is my top priority and no question is a silly one and no suggestion is too much. If it's possible, and you want it, we're trying it! 

I've been riding horses for as long as I can remember, despite coming from a completely non-horsey family. My journey began when a next door neighbour kept a Shetland pony in her garden and I started looking after him for her when she went away. She was the one who got me my first lesson and that's where my love truly began and without her, Verona Thomas Photography certainly wouldn't be the business it is today. I now ride a mare named Misty, who you'll probably spot on instagram a lot of the time - I also have a cockapoo named Lottie, who is also often featured. 

Anyway, I love to chat (or type in this case) and I love meeting new people and friends. I hope that it could be you soon?

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