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London Fashion Week...

Wow! What an opportunity I hadn't even realised I'd walked into.

Back in July, I travelled into central London to take pictures for the F.A.D Fashion Future Summer School, and the designers working hard in the factory to design, create and bring to life garments inspired by issues of sustainability and humans’ relationship with the natural world. I was in awe of the beautiful fabrics chosen by the designers, and infatuated by watching them come to life and turn into something, clearly, very special.

After a 3 month wait, I finally got to see the finished pieces, alongside my photography in London Fashion Week 2019, and it was an event not to be forgotten. Not only were the pieces incredible, and something the young designers should be proud of, but to literally see my photography up on stage, in lights, to introduce the show at the iconic Victoria House Basement, was something I'll never forget.

I am beyond proud of the work I achieved with this opportunity, an opportunity I hadn't even realised I had walked into. I have a great passion for photography and my work, and to see it under bright lights, in front of 200 guests and the worlds media, was something to make anyone feel overjoyed.

To take a look at my photos in action, please check out the latest post on my instagram page!

And thank you to my beautiful sister for coming with me and sharing the experience!

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