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How To Prepare For Your Photoshoot...

Before a photoshoot, it's natural to be nervous. It's not always the most comfortable thing to stand in front of a camera, with a stranger behind it, taking pictures of you. There's also always the question of, will my horse behave? Well let me tell you, you've got nothing to fear and if your pony decides to misbehave, well, we can either re-shoot on one of their less grumpy days or we can just decide we've captured their 'quirky' personality.

Here are my top tips to ensure you get the most out of your time with your photographer, and hey, perhaps enjoy it!

1. Feed the beast, to tame the beast I'm sure we've all been 'hangry' once in our lives, we might not even of noticed it but the people around us sure do, and we can't expect our four legged friends to be any different. A happy horse is definitely one with a full belly. So my top tip number 1, before your photoshoot, make sure they've been fed. It'll help ensure their ears are forward, and they'll give you at least 2 minutes of standing still.

2. Treats, treats and more treats As well as feeding your horse, it's important you come equipped with some small goodies you can hide in the palm of your hand. This ensures your horses attention is on you, and we can work together to get some truly stunning shots of your horse hugging you, kissing you or just not trying to injure you by constantly moving. A little sneaky hint, if you book a shoot with me, you'll receive a little goodie bag before our time together, which will include some goodies inside, that you can bring along to the shoot.

3. Book your shoot for a time of day, you know your horse will be most likely to cooperate Trust me, there is no point booking a shoot at turning out time, if your horse is always desperate to get out in the field at this time of day. Try to book a time you know the yard will be quiet or lets load up and go somewhere we know they will behave. There are so many beautiful locations in and around London, don't feel restricted to your stables.

4. Make sure you're ready Sometimes your horse just doesn't want to stay still, the best tip for this, is to stop focusing on your four legged friend and just to focus on yourself. If you're always ready and smiling, the moment your horse is ready, I'll be waiting to capture the moment for you.

5. Act Natural I know it's easier said than done, but the best way to act natural, is to give yourself something to do - of course on a shoot with me, without you even knowing, I'll get you to do this anyway. You could try leaning on a fence, looking up at your horse or giving them a kiss. As soon as you give yourself a task, your attention is turned and you immediately look more relaxed, making for more natural and beautiful images.

6. Don't panic, we have plenty of time My shoots are between 1 and 3 hours long, the time varies depending on the models in front of me. We'll only stop when the shoot comes to a natural end, as we feel we've captured every pose, location and outfit change, with a happy horse and smiling rider. This could take anywhere between 1 hour to 3 hours, the important thing is, don't panic, remain calm and keep smiling. If your horse isn't cooperating, we'll work together to ensure they do - I want to provide you with the perfect image, just as much as you want to see it. This might be when the treats come in handy!

7. No idea is too extraordinary or too difficult

If you want to take pictures in the morning sunrise, at 4am or if you want to take pictures of your horses in full medieval attire, I'm up for it - you only have to ask. My true passion lies with providing my clients with the images they have dreamt of seeing and would be proud to display on their wall at home.

8. Have fun

There is noting more important than having fun on a photoshoot with me, the pictures are going to be for life, but we also want to create a memory of your photoshoot to look back on and smile.

I hope these tips help - if you want to put them into practise, book yourself a photoshoot now!

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