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5 things you see, but never use at the stables...

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

1. The 'emergency' red bucket full of sand in case of a fire- you know, the one that hangs on the side of the barn, that if ever required would need a chisel just to get the sand out.

​Most livery's probably haven't even noticed it. Might be useless but it sure does look wonderful and authentic, that's what it's for now right? I for one would rather run to the mile long hose pipe then chisel out some sand.

2. A list of all horses on the yard and their owners... even the ones that left 10 years ago.

There are two types of horse owners, those who stay on one yard forever and those who flutter around, from yard to yard. Either way, once you've made your mark, you're there for life. Whether your 'emergency' contact information remains in the office or your horse kicks a nice hole in the stable wall, you'll never truly leave.

(P.s. my horse decided to do the latter of the two options... sorry!)

3. The pile of broken rugs in the corner, that you'll be 'sure to use one day'.

We are all guilty of this, I mean, how else would we acquire so much stuff. One day ​you'll have a big clear out but for now they can sit there as spare... collecting more dust and dirt, if that's even possible?

4. And of course, the pile of broken hay nets, that you trip over daily. You'll be sure to use them too I reckon.

It's sensible to keep spare hay nets isn't it? Even if they're mainly made up of baling twine. You never know when a naughty, greedy pony will contract laminitis and require being starved. Double up? No we can quadruple up, we've got loads going spare.

5. A never ending supply of baling twine.

You can never be without too much baling twine- it fixes everything. You've got a broken rug, baling twine. You've got a broken fence, baling twine. You've got a broken bridle, baling twine. You've got a broken horse, baling twine. It's yet to fail us.

What else do you find?

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