About Me

I'm all about you and your photos, but it might help to know a little about me.


I'm a freelance and published photographer based in Hertfordshire who enjoys capturing single moments in time on camera, that could otherwise be forgotten - I occasionally write about it too!


I love traveling all over the UK, capturing the essence and beauty of all things sublime - including equine events, equine fashion and the animals we all love.


Ever since my photography journey began back in school, where I discovered photography and writing as a medium to share my voice, I've never been without a camera in my hand.

As the American author Neale Donald Walsch once said: 'If you want the best the world has to offer, offer the world your best.' And that’s what I plan to do through my work, whether that be through my passion for photography or through my love of writing, starting with the blog on this site.

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